'Regional Futures' is a state-wide regional arts project

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Artist, Anna Glynn, 'Regional Futures', Berry Hall, 2022
‘Regional Futures’, a state-wide strategy led by the RADO network

‘Regional Futures’ is a two year project that invites artists to respond the question, ‘what does the future look like in our region’?

In 2022, twenty nine artists across regional NSW, working across all mediums, were selected to participate. Award winning artist, Anna Glynn, was chosen to represent the south coast.  Anna’s work spans the mediums of painting, drawing, installation, moving image, sound and sculpture.

For ‘Regional Futures’ Anna is creating ‘DWELLING’, an installation incorporating movng image and sound which explores the intersection of the human world and our local landscape, both contemporary and prior to European settlement.

‘DWELLING’ speaks of a consideration of what ‘home’ is for us as a commuity, for our environment and the creatures we share this space with. Reimagining local built structures in Berry, such as churches, halls and pavilions, Anna inserts and layers moving images of local wild life into silhouettes of buildings, that then become portals to the past and the flora and fauna previously on these sites.

‘DWELLING’ echoes what was and what may become our regional future by providing a subtle but thoughtful avenue for reflection.

The title ‘DWELLING’ refers to a place of habitation as well as the process of dwelling upon something – to consider or think about, to linger over, emphasize, or ponder.

In 2023 the artists will exhibit or present their work at Casula Powerhouse, Western Sydney from 24 June – 17 September and participate in an artist led symposium on 21 & 22 July.

‘Regional Futures’ is produced by the RADO network & funded by Create NSW.

To find out more about Regional Futures go to: https://regionalfutures.net.au/

Anna Glynn, Photo by Sharon Hickey