Regional Futures

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Regional Futures

Regional Futures

‘Regional Futures’ is a state-wide initiative produced by the RADO network, funded  by Create NSW. It is a two-year (2022/2023) project that places artists at the centre of a dialogue exploring a future vision for the place where they live and create.

Each RADO region sought expressions of interest from a local artist or group to represent their region. In year 1, the artists engaged in a creative development process to develop a project idea for presentation in Western Sydney in year 2.

‘Regional Futures’ South Coast artist, Anna Glynn, is an award-winning Shoalhaven artist.

Anna says,  ‘My area of interest concerns the future of the regions and how an expansion of human activity creates both opportunities and potential problems. The natural surrounding environment draws many of us to live on the South Coast, but as we move in there is displacement of flora and fauna’.

Anna has created moving image works that highlight what was on the land before European settlement. She has been recording in video, photography and audio a folio of materials which will be used as the project develops.

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